Love story !!

​He sticked to his calendar and his office route,

A world revolving from 9 to 5,

He stayed a prisoner of his goals,

One eve, a free bird knocked his door,

But he gave it a miss, only to search for it later,

She turned the tides of his thoughts.
He slided a little on d edge, with her thoughts,

She took him to the cliff and pushed him for a fall,

And every second he realized wat he missed, 

While he climbed the ladder of corporate dreams….

A silent story flourished with raw script everyday,

They fell trap to fight, love and jealousy,

And while the world survived among crowd,

They sneaked out together,

For a quite whisper,

A small love story , confined to their hearts….


BABY !!!

What you doing to me?

I left this feel, long before,

This part of me died in the past,

Never thought will walk back in that lane,

Never knew, I will meet someone like you,

Someone, who will reach my heart & soul.


Tears that fell, I was the reason for it,

Hurted you, but never thought it will haunt me back,

When you called and we fought,

Never told you, but

Your husky voice filled my loneliness.


Bad with words? Yes I am,

Never told you, what I feel for you,

Everything I dreamt of, came crashing down,

Still I am dealing with it,

Cause when you smile, it brightens my day.


I want to know how it feels like

To be with you,

In a place where it’s just you and me,

Feel those words that you said,

Watch your lips flow in rhyme when you sing to me,

Water dripping of the wisps of your hair,

I want to swivel it through,

And Reach your cheeks,

How will it feel to be with you?

The warmth of your presence,

As close as my heart beat.


Trust me sweetheart, when I say this,

You are a baby and I like it,

Times when you irritate me,

At times you are the kid I want to babysit,

Pamper you the entire day and watch you giggle,

To tease you and make you angry,

Then to love you till late,

And kiss you good night, till you fall asleep