Did You Missed Me? Like I did


If I had distanced myself in time,

These questions wouldn’t have knocked my door,

Thoughts of you, only wish to be with you.

Tell me, did you ever felt this way,

As if you are burdened with thoughts,

That you failed to express.


The plans never ceased to end,

What should I do to make you smile?

A question that always played.

You became my world,

A blend of happiness & pain,

Tell me, did you also felt the agony,

Every time we ditched our outing.


A sarcasm you always used,

“I am bad with words” you said,

I tried my best, to act perfect in front of you,

Every day was test for me, to look my best,

You were the best in simple ways,

Tell me, did you also felt that I acted stupid,

While I tried to impress you with my stupid-ness?


I console myself even now,

Years gone, dates faded, memory didn’t,

Few questions I listed for you,

but never asked,

decided not to bother you, till the last,

but a single question still gives me sleepless nights,

Did you missed me? Like I did?


4 thoughts on “Did You Missed Me? Like I did

  1. Unanswered ques, smtyms r d best reasons to Hold on.. Myt b ans wont come evr, bt few thngs vl make u realise smdae “Answer was d same, wat u ignored 1ce”..


      1. R u a “Born” writer or writing is sth u picked up for gttng “Hell” out of urslf..

        *Note: Do not take word “Hell” otherwise..


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