Hi !!!

How to say hi? 

When I saw you after years,

Last we met words didn’t fall into places,

We crossed ways in a mute path,

maintained with years of silence.
how to say Hi?

When I have tried years to hate you,

Scold you for not being with me,

For keeping your lips sealed,

When I waited every moment to hear from you.
how to say Hi?

When I know things have changed,

You sound a more mature lady,

But I am the same kid of your batch,

Those memories still matters to me ,

When you could hardly recall any..
I will pass by to never turn again,

for now I know, it’s not your fault,

I was in love with a different girl,

and she stays with me, with every blink of memories,

hurts me often yet follows me now and then,

Why should I say hi? 

When I know you won’t be like her again…


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