Appreciate little things !!!

Long back when we were kids, we were told or rather directed to be a bit more serious about life. Whatever level of seriousness I have reached, the bit more was always constant. A little more, some more, few more percentage, some more hard work, some other better job, some more hike in package and this a bit more greed always tags along.

What have I lost in running for this some more? Nothing much I guess…just my childhood stupidities, the games in recess time, some cartoons that made every kid glued to the tv, pressure of expectations to do better then someone every time and a thought that never leaves my mind that this world is like that only. It needs more of everything but nobody knows how much they need. 

We say people change, some say that they have turned mature. I have met those people, the same people with whom I shared stupid jokes and did stupid stuff. But now they are very cautious coz they have grown up, my jokes are not funny for them anymore and neither our hangout are important. They need more from life , have to wake up early morning so can’t stick around late, have to earn incentives but can’t plan of a vacation and some are in love but have no time for proposal.
I fell for someone years back, we shared a lot of good moments said that we are best friends, although she meant more than that. Years down the line those memories doesn’t make sense for her anymore and the reason is she is grown up and turned mature. I have all those memories inked in my life’s pages, May be I was the only one writing them down. Growing up really  has some consequences, I might also be like them one day with a grown up tag but today is not that day……..


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